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Eco-Friendly: Surprise your guests with an eco-friendly alternative to traditional napkins and toilet papers! Our napkins and toilet papers are made from grass which is 100% biodegradable and does not contain any chemicals or dyes. This means that you can help reduce your environmental impact when entertaining at home.

Soft & Absorbent: With our grass-made napkins and toilet papers, you won’t have to sacrifice quality for sustainability! Our products are softer than paper towels and more absorbent than traditional paper towels. This makes them great for cleaning up spills, wiping hands, and even wiping down surfaces without leaving lint or residue.

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Grass pulp is SUSTAINABLE for many reasons. It is abundant (readily available through communities) and characterized by rapid growth. As mentioned above, this will reduce transportation pollution and third-party costs. Processing trees requires a lot of more electrical energy and chemical use which results in extreme pollution wastes. This is costly and harms the environment. Essentially, grass offers us the exciting opportunity for a closed-loop supply chain in meaningful ways like restoring the planet and providing for the community. We can take grass from our community and give back in consumable paper product forms, embracing the "circle of life" concept.

Grass provides DOMESTIC benefits. Accessibility to grass reduces, and may eliminate, the need to import raw materials nationally and internationally. Best yet, we can create job opportunities within the United States, an area where the U.S. economy is experiencing growing losses.

Our grass fiber is FLEXIBLE; it can be made into a wide range of paper products. To kickoff our project, we decided to focus production on paper straws, napkins, toilet papers, and paper bags. These items will help amend shortages as a result of the pandemic and tackle existing environmental problems like plastic and landfill wastes.

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